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What’s new at Eastcoast

Guava Juice

Guava: Unveiling the 6 Benefits For Your Health

In the realm of refreshing, delicious beverages, guava juice is a standout! It is a flavourful powerhouse, and it might surprise you to know it ...
Upcycled Bottles

5 Brilliant Ways to Transform Eastcoast Juice Bottles For a Greener Lifestyle

Eastcoast Beverages Oranges Juice

Juice Wars: The Educated Truth About Concentrate vs. Not From Concentrate in 4 Key Categories

Juice has been a beloved beverage for generations, offering a refreshing and nutritious way to quench our thirst and satisfy our taste buds. However, the ...
fresh oranges

5 Reasons Why You Should Include Fresh Orange Juice in Your Diet

At Eastcoast Juice, we know that fresh is best, and as a result, we only source the tangiest, tastiest oranges to be used across our ...
man with Cranberry Juice

The Power of Cranberry Juice: 8 useful Health Benefits You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a refreshing, flavoursome drink as we head into the warmer months, then look no further than our ‘berry good’ Eastcoast Cranberry ...
Joes Citrus Produce of Australia

Meet Your Local Growers – Joe’s Citrus

Yet another one of our great, local fruit growers and suppliers is Joes Citrus in Tharbogang, just outside of Griffith. They have been in the ...
Kidman Way CITRUS

Meet Your Local Growers – Kidman Way Citrus

We caught up with local, Aussie growers the Trimboli’s at the Kidman Way Citrus farm earlier this year in the Riverina region. They have been ...
Golden Grove Citrus

Meet Your Local Growers – Golden Grove Citrus

What we can’t get from our own 150 acre farm, we source from many different regions and growers across Australia, including beautiful Griffith. 4th Gen ...
People Visiting Eastcoast Farm

Day on the Farm 2023

Day on the Farm this year was truly spectacular! Huge crowds came through our factory and farm to walk through our factory, pick oranges, and ...
Eastcoast Truck

meet rob

Meet truck driver Rob! He plays such a crucial role in transporting our precious liquid gold across our NSW roads everyday. Be sure and give ...
Kid drinking mini eastcoast juice

Eastcoast mini’s are back!

Just like Gen 4 Domenic, our Eastcoast Mini’s are small in stature, but their bold and delicious flavour packs a punch! Find them in a ...
Happy mother's day from eastcoast


We asked a couple of the Gen 3 boys, “How well do you know your mum?” There were a couple correct answers, and some attempts ...
3 Eastern egg

5 Ways to Boost Your Easter Feast

Washing Eastcoast Van

Valentines Day 2023

Valentines Day has Samuel seeing things a little…differently this year. Happy Love Day from the sexiest juice company in Australia
South End Social - Coffee Eatery Bar

South End Social Highlight

We’re so grateful for the support from local businesses like South End Social in Gosford! They’re the heart and soul of Eastcoast. If you’re after ...
Fiona Watering the Plant

Meet Fiona

Meet the lovely Fiona, our Accounts Payable guru! Needless to say, she brings so much life to our office and her giggles are contagious! Our ...
Woman with Eastcoast Jive Orange Juice

Jump Jive & Sip

We had Lara, a seasoned dance instructor come up to the farm and teach our very NOT seasoned dancers the Jive, to celebrate the release ...

Saddles Mt White Highlight

If you haven’t been to Saddles at Mt. White Eatery & Bakehouse, you are missing out on some seriously good food that is quintessentially Australian. ...
Valentines Day 2022 Preview

Valentines Day 2022

Valentines Day 2022: A story of love lost, love found, and never losing hope! Rated extremely high on Rotten Tomatoes at 2%
Eastcoast Shelter Give Back

Eastcoast & Coast Shelter Give Back

Eastcoast had the pleasure of supporting Coast Shelter in the leadup to the holidays by participating in their gift wrapping fundraiser! Our lovely Eastcoast ladies ...
Eastcoast Graemes Story

Meet Graeme

We don’t always approve of Graeme’s music choices in the office, but we definitely approve of his work ethic! Graeme is our Production Manager and ...
Eastcoast Kulnura

Eastcoast on TV!

Eastcoast was on the small screen! We thought it was about time we showcased ourselves and put together a visual for what we’re all about: Aussie ...
Eastcoast Farm

Day on the Farm 2021

Day on the Farm 2021 was a MASSIVE success! It was a great day to not only share with our community everything that we do ...
Eastcoast Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2021

As everyone knows, family is at the forefront of everything we do. We are blessed to have numerous amazing mums working in different areas of ...
Eastcoast Office Edition

Eastcoast The Office Edition

Come along and see us hardly work….I mean, working hard!!
Eastcoast Easter Bunny Giveaway

Easter Giveaway 2021

Together with ZBR Zibara Teamwear & Uniforms, we had people enter-to-win our Easter Hamper by telling us their favourite Easter memory. In the end, it ...
Valentines Day Eastcoast Beverages

Valentines Day 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day from Eastcoast! The most multi-talented juice manufacturing company around, celebrating our new Orange Juice in a can heading into Coles! Don’t mind ...
Meet Bruce

Meet Bruce

Bruce is in a league of his own here at Eastcoast. His dark humour and subtle (not very subtle) sarcasm gives everyone a good chuckle ...
Scotts Story

Meet Scott

Scott is our Warehouse & Logistics Manager at Eastcoast. To make what is a very challenging job extremely simple, he gets our juice to where ...
Emilys Story

Meet Emily

Emily is our Marketing Manager at Eastcoast. She is creative, funny, loud and always brings the best out-of-the-box ideas to our family biz! Emily truly ...
Eastcoast Packing

Eastcoast Tour with Dom!

Come along as Dom takes you around our Eastcoast farm and factory showing you what makes us tick, and the process that the fruit goes ...
Eastcoast Farmers

The Life of an Orange

From the tree, to the bottle, to your fridge. Handpicked for you in our backyard. This is the life of an orange.
Eastcoast Easter Bunny

Eastcoast Isolated Easter

It’s Easter like we’ve never experienced it before – even the Easter Bunny was feeling down. Thankfully, Samuel was there to lift Bunny’s spirits and ...
Eastcoast Change is Coming

A Change is Coming

Despite the recent rainfall over the past few weeks, Australia is still plagued with drought, and many farmers will not see restoration of their farms ...
Very Juicy Valentines Day

A Very Juicy Valentines Day

If you do nothing else for Valentines Day this year, you NEED to watch this juicy video.  No matter who you love…or what you love, have a ...
Eastcoast giving

Giving Back to Our Farmers for Christmas

This year alone, we sent around 200 tonnes of peel to farmers across NSW, like the one seen in this video. Wishing for a more ...
Eastcoast Farm

The Founders

We just held our first ever Founders day, celebrating the incredible efforts of Generation 2 of Eastcoast Beverages. Here are some messages from Gen 2 ...
Samuels Story

Meet Samuel (formally known as Juice Boy)

Real Talk with Gen Three – Samuel has always had a passion for the family biz…Take a listen!
Eastcoast Beverage Juice

New Product – Wake Up Shake Up

Wake up Shake up… Specifically created to help you jump out of bed and start your day.
Eastcoast motherhood

The Mothers behind Eastcoast

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mums! We wanted to share a few moments with you all of what motherhood is for the Mums ...
Eastcoast Blnder Bros

Meet Adam and Alex – Eastcoast’s Blender Boys

Every family has one… In our case we’ve got two. Meet Alex & Adam Incase you didn’t know Adam is an ex- Elvis impersonator…Watch their ...
Eastcoast Eastrr Bunny

What has the Eastcoast Easter Bunny been up to?

The Eastcoast Bunny is back, mischievous as always! So, he ran out of Chocolate as he was doing the rounds preparing for Easter… Luckily he ...
Eastcoast Farm

Eastcoast’s One Family

Welcome to our world… One Family. If you work alongside us, supply to us, buy from us or support us, consider yourself… Family. We are ...