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Our Earth Connection

what we're doing now

There’s more to Eastcoast Juice than you might realise! Along with our commitment to creating a great, Aussie made product, we’re also extremely committed to having as light of a footprint as we possibly can on our precious environment!

We believe in the future of our planet and are actively taking steps to improve our commitment to sustainability, now and well into the future. At Eastcoast Juice, we’re always looking at ways to better our practices and reduce our environmental impact. As a result, you might have noticed these icons on select juice labels in stores!

Why are they there? Well, we’ve partnered with independent sustainability experts to provide assessments of a select range of our products to measure, improve, and communicate product level sustainability!

sustainable icons

So, what does this mean?

Climate friendly

Any of our juices that have been rated ‘climate friendly’ have been produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions from the moment it’s produced on our farm to the moment it enters the store (cradle-to-gate). 

These ‘climate friendly’ juices’ greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are lower than 70% of all products independently assessed against a database of 600+ data sources. This assessment takes into account GHGS emitted during agricultural production, farm to processing transportation, ingredient processing, processing to manufacturing transportation and manufacturing. 

sustainability rating

Any of our juices with a ‘good sustainability rating’ have been independently assessed by Calyx against a database of over 1 million food-based products. The assessment looks at the environmental and social impact across eight areas of sustainability:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Processing
  • Blue water usage
  • Biodiversity
  • Soil health
  • Land use
  • Animal welfare
  • Labour risk
These eight metrics are evaluated on a spectrum from a negative to a positive impact. For some metrics, this illustrates impact from degenerative to regenerative. Products receive a score of 1-10 for each metric, which is then calculated with a sustainability score. 


clean label

Any of our products with a ‘clean label’ icon indicate food products that are manufactured with ingredients that don’t require high-energy processing yields products, leading to a much lower impact on the environment. 

Products that qualify for a ‘clean label’ have a simple formula with seven or fewer ingredients that are all minimally processed and these products must only contain ingredients that are not dependent on commercial or industrial processing.

what we've already been doing

Our philosophy is to Return – Regrow – Renew so that absolutely nothing of our product is wasted. Our mission is to be 100% recyclable while remaining 100% committed to our environment and the people in it.


The future is circular, and at Eastcoast, we harness the power of giving back. Our 100% recyclable bottles are ready to be returned and reused in their next life, while our citrus peel is sent to our farming community to be used as a nutritious alternative to cattle feed, full of protein and energy. The citrus pulp that goes unused in our 100% Low Pulp Orange Juice instead provides a zesty and nutritional punch to yoghurt and citrus flavoured desserts – the pulp is sent to companies for blending and regenerating a new flavour sensation! Remember, every time you sip an Aussie made Eastcoast Juice, you’re helping us make a positive difference in our precious world.


We love the land we work on and have the deepest respect for Mother Nature. There is absolutely zero waste in the manufacturing of our heavenly fruit juices. The washdown water from our factory is treated and sent back out to our orchards to replenish and re-juice the trees. Natural is best, which is why we only use natural fertilisers and natural forms of pest management on our farm. As part of our future sustainability commitment, we’re working hard to establish our ‘Eastcoast Offset Plan’ by investing in nature reserves, and replanting trees across the Eastcoast property.


At Eastcoast, we want to leave behind a legacy that future generations will be proud of. We have been looking at innovative ways to offset our carbon emissions, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035. We are minimising our dependence on gas and petrol by introducing electric powered vehicles, forklifts, and machinery. Similarly, we’re reducing our electricity supply from the grid to solar technology, whilst aiming to be 100% solar powered by 2030. Our goal is to be Australia’s most sustainable juice suppliers!

Eastcoast Cycle: Return, Regrow, Renew

Helping our farmers

Along with sending truck after truck filled to the brim with our unused orange peel to farmers to use as feed for their cattle, you might see our famed Orange Juice labels look a little different from time to time. This is to raise awareness of the residual effects Australian farmers have faced due to the drought, as well as the bushfires from 2019 and the horrific floods of 2022.

These labels are representative of the fact that we stand in solidarity with our farmers, and make a promise to support them the way they have always supported us.

If you see these labels in stores, know that for every bottle purchased, 10c will be donated to Rural Aid and Vinny’s Flood Relief in support of our Aussie farmers!

2L of orange juice