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Eastcoast Beverages - Product juice

Juice Range

With all the choices cluttering the shelves in stores these days, it’s hard to know which bottle to grab. At Eastcoast, we make it as easy as we can. We are one of the only family-owned and operated juice companies left in the industry – not a corporation. From tree to table, it’s a family affair. Together, using fruit from our own trees as well as from other local growers, we set out every day to make premium juice products using high-quality fruit with unimpeachable integrity. We’re family, we’re local, and we’re Australian. You can find many of our juices in supermarkets like our 100% Hand-picked Aussie Orange Juice, or our famed Country Style Lemonade. If you look closely at your local bar, you’re sure to see our 100% Lemon or Lime juice. Our variety means there’s something for everyone!

Eastcoast Beverages Jive Group

Jive Range

Jive is our sub-range of smoothies and vegetable juices, and they taste as fun as they sound! They are jam-packed with fruity flavour, and can be found in NSW big box retailers, as well as many other local stockists.

The Good Drop Juice

The G0.0D Drop Range

We’re seeing the way of the world shifting toward wellness and health in ways we haven’t before. The term “sober curious” hit Australian shores a few years ago, and the movement has been growing ever since! We saw this and knew we wanted to cater for it. Now, there are plenty of other non-alcoholic cocktails that have hit the market, but the difference with The G0.0D Drop is that it has alcohol flavouring added to mimic the taste of the liquor, without the actual liquor itself. Not only that, but they’re made using fresh, Eastcoast juice! The G0.0D Drop is perfect for anyone who wants to take a temporary or full-time break from alcohol, and for those who want the ease of making a cocktail by simply adding their liquor of choice. It’s as simple as shake and pour over ice.

Eastcoast Spring Water & Lentini Range

Eastcoast Spring Water & Lentini Range

Kulnura - it sounds exotic. Central Coast - well, maybe not so much. But let's focus on Kulnura, the source of Eastcoast Spring Water. An Aboriginal name, Kulnura means 'up there in the clouds' and refers to its high altitude Central Coast location. Situated 1000 feet above sea level, pristine spring water flows through the Australian mountains that Eastcoast Springs are fortunate enough to call home.

Bottled at the source, Eastcoast Spring Water is naturally filtered through layers of sandstone, resulting in refreshingly pure Australian spring water. And if you enjoy a few bubbles, our Lentini Sparkling Mineral Water will invigorate you with its naturally fresh taste. Eastcoast Springs supply bottled spring and mineral water to the Australian wholesale, retail, hospitality and food services sector.

Eastcoast Beverages Fresh Oranges

Fresh Fruit

Fresh citrus fruit is where it all started for Eastcoast. Salvatore Lentini started picking fresh fruit to supply to Flemington Markets nearly 60 years ago. Today, his Central Coast orchards are still owned by the Lentini family and Eastcoast Beverages are supplying juice and water to thousands of happy customers.

Fresh oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes are grown and harvested from our orchards in Kulnura. Along with squeezing these plump and juicy fruits to make our Eastcoast Juices, we also supply fresh citrus fruits to retailers. Our three generations of citrus fruit farming experience means that you can guarantee what you receive is premium oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes, while supporting the local Central Coast farming industry. Get in touch with us to learn more.