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aussie owned juice and beverage suppliers since 1965

Freshly squeezed juice is in our DNA…literally!

We are Eastcoast Beverages and for almost six decades, our family citrus farm has been passed down through three generations, squeezing love and care into our range of fresh juices from the moment the fruit is hand-picked from our trees, to when it’s poured straight into your glass.


You can find our range of freshly squeezed juices in major supermarkets including Woolworths and Coles along with a variety of independent grocers and retailers including IGA, Spar, Foodworks and Drakes.


We’re also one of Australia’s leading juice suppliers and wholesalers, providing a number of cafes, bars and restaurants with our range of delicious tasting juices.

Since 1965 Eastcoast beverages

from our family to yours



Our 100% Australian Orange Juice is the hero in our family – with fresh oranges delicately hand-selected, picked, squeezed and bottled same day for maximum freshness. However, our range includes many other 100% juices and juice drinks including orange and passionfruit, apple and blackcurrant, country style lemonade and more, totaling over 40 products!

There’s more to our juice than you might think!

There are 150 acres on the Eastcoast Beverages property filled with trees that provide the freshest and best lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit.

However, as one of Australia’s leading family owned juice brands, we’ve grown bigger than what we can produce. What we can’t supply from our own fruit trees, we source from many local citrus growers and regions all across New South Wales including Griffith, Gunnedah and Narromine just to name a few.

Our Farmers

They say it takes a village to raise a child and we liken that to running a juice business as well! Our local Aussie farmers’ support has allowed us to consistently grow and produce the freshest juices you now know and love to enjoy.