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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why does my juice have too much or too little pulp?

Our juice is fresh-squeezed from Australian oranges that are in season at the time of juicing. The fruit will vary from season to season, and is dependent on the region they are grown in and the climatic conditions. The pulp levels naturally vary and will change as the growing season changes.

Q. What varieties of oranges do you squeeze?

We predominantly squeeze Valencia’s. During certain times of the year and depending on the season, we squeeze both Navel’s and Valencia’s. Navels are a winter fruit while Valencia’s are more of a summer fruit. We try to maintain a fairly balanced mix between the two to keep a consistent flavour throughout the year, however, you will notice a difference in the juice flavour between seasons.

Q. Why are some of your ingredients imported?

As a 3rd generation Aussie farming family, we do our best to produce only Australian products. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot get the supply of stock we need. We make over 40 different varieties of juice and we need a regular supply to make consistent products. Our first choice is always Australian produce, and we only import if we can’t get what we need from our fellow Aussie farmers first.

Q. Why does my juice taste different from the last time I bought it?

We squeeze fresh Australian citrus that is in season at the time of squeezing, and there are several factors that can change the flavour of the fruit: the region the fruit was grown in, climatic conditions, and which variety of fruit is in season. Just like whole fresh fruit, you will find some variation in the flavour from season to season, that’s the awesome difference between fresh and long life juice. We can only produce what mother nature gives us!

Q. Can I keep my Eastcoast Juice in the cupboard?

No, it must stay refrigerated at all times. Because our juice is fresh squeezed with minimal additives, it will ferment if it is not kept refrigerated. We choose to produce fresh products because they have a higher vitamin content and they retain the natural flavour profile of the fruit squeezed. They do have to be chilled but we think it’s much cooler to drink fresh rather than highly processed shelf stable products. Best temperature is 4°C for our yummy juices.

Q. Why can’t I get a 10c refund at the Return and Earn depot on all of your products?

The Container Deposit Scheme is the largest litter reduction scheme introduced by the NSW Government, the scheme has helped to reduce drink container litter by 40% in NSW with over 300,000 tonnes of material being recycled. The scheme has not been designed at this stage to receive drink containers that contain 100% juice in a 1 Litre or above bottle, so unfortunately, not all of our products can be returned.

Q. Is Eastcoast Juice safe to consume during pregnancy?

A. Yes, our juice is flash pasteurised to get rid of any nasties, so it is completely safe to drink while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q. Are any of your juices Kosher?

Yes, the following juices have been certified by the Kashrut Authority:

Q. Where can I buy your juice?

You can find Eastcoast Juice in Coles & Woolworths statewide in NSW, along with select IGA’s, Spar, Foodworks, and Drakes stores. Many other local stockists are bound to have a bottle or two as well!

Q. Where can I get your juice outside of NSW?

We have many wonderful distributors that we work closely with nationally. Simply send us a message letting us know your location and we will help you find your nearest stockist.