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Our Legacy

The Story of Eastcoast Beverages

The little seeds of Eastcoast began to grow in 1965 when Salvatore Lentini picked and packed fresh fruit from his Central Coast orchards to supply to Australia’s famous Flemington Markets. Years later, when the Australian government removed tariffs on imported juice concentrate, it became less profitable to produce juice solely from fresh fruit.

That’s when Salvatore’s three sons, Sam, Mick and Frank Lentini – together with their wives – saw an opportunity to capitalise on this gap in the market by squeezing citrus fruit juice made entirely from 100% fresh fruit. And that’s exactly what they did.

Flash forward, and we’re still very much a family affair, living and working on our farm in Kulnura, NSW – the very same farm where the first oranges were picked by Salvatore all those years ago. What started in a small fruit shed almost 60 years ago has now spanned three generations and grown to be a household name across many parts of Australia!